Friday, November 7, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy.

     I've had so many drafts that I was scheduling to post to this blog regarding a great many things - however, I've been extremely swamped over the past year. Has it really been that long?

     My daughter now lives with me full time, I've made a career change, and am starting back to school after nearly a seven year hiatus. All grand and wonderfully exciting things, but also a great deal of added stress.

     I've also begun writing for a local publication called the Free-Times as a freelance music writer, and am still trying to finish some audio work I did for a friend of mine who is an author. It's not my first narration, but my recording of an actual novel and I'm becoming overly paranoid about how it may not meet the level of perfection that I want it to. I should be within the last phases of editing this weekend though.

     As far as my culinary adventures I've begun to teeter more outside of my comfort zone, and have become far more willing to take risks - to experiment with new and exciting ingredients. In Columbia there isn't a huge global marketplace but there is a location called the "International Corridor". I've become extremely fond of squeezing that phrase into conversation with Jenn whenever possible. In any event, I've been able to locate some of the ingredients needed for certain recipes that I can't find in conventional stores or even specialty markets.

    I have sort of consigned myself to the facts of being a full-time father and soon-to-be student that traveling abroad is more than likely not going to be in the foreseeable future. With that being said, I really think that other than reading articles and looking at pictures of far away lands that I can really understand the culture in the best way that we can understand one another without music - Food,of course.

     In the meantime, I'll be compiling recipes for some fo the foods that I've been working on such as Pan De La Muerto that I baked for mine and Jenn's Day of the Dead Party, Tom Kha, the technique I learned to roll heart shaped sushi, and much more.